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The Little Boy Who Cried ‘Racist!’

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The Little Boy Who Cried ‘Racist!’
February 20, 2009 — The Sibyl


Remember the children’s story called “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”? Well, angry little boys are still crying, but not “Wolf”. Trying his best to grasp his 15 minutes of fame, a 43 year old male file clerk from Cleveland, Ohio and his angry inch accused The Sibyl of being racist and bigoted. Playing the victim and accusing everyone and anyone of being racist for any or no reason seems to be the sustained battle cry of the Obot , and it’s wearing mighty thin.

Hot on the heels of the phony outrage MSM’s righteous indignation over the New York Post’s now famous “Chimp Cartoon”, the battle cry of ‘racism and bigotry’ continues. But what about other Commanders in Chief whose simian similarities have been exploited without so much as an eye-roll? Seems to be a double standard here. My question to the righteously indignant: What are you going to do when a real racist or bigot shows up, and nobody believes your warning cries?

The ‘Angry Little File Clerk Who Could’ wrote:

“You are a racist and a bigot. You think that [Blogger's name deleted] is a black person,she is not. She ridicules the President’s African roots. She posts racist comments from Uncle Toms like Manning that want blacks in America to be on the bottom again. Only whites call Obama the Messiah. Now [Blogger] called Obama gay,anti-Gay ,Muslim,Marxist Christian,Arab, too black,not black.She made fun of his Grandmother,his African Culture,his white Grandmother’s death. What you bigots are trying to do is cause a race riot so white racist bigots can take over .I will monitor your site.”

Dear Embittered Clerk and your Angry Inch: Yesterday’s topics were about the MSM’s sucking up to what seems like Obama’s socialist agenda (as reported by The Washington Posts’ Eugene Robinson) along with an article from BBC News that tells how people from other countries are able to see through the Obama hype. Where was the racist/bigoted content, Sparky? Methinks you cried ‘racist’ because - well, because ‘Yes! You Can!

I do hope you are really monitoring my site. If you can submit a coherent comment that addresses the topics in Tuesday’s post, I will publish it. But if you continue to try to play the race card at every turn, your comments will remain in the bin with the rest of the trash.

Now that I’ve established just what I will and will not stand for on this site, (it’s tough being new kid on the block), let’s take a closer look at the cartoon:

ny-post-cartoonMaybe it’s because I live in Manhattan, where we are used to encountering as many as a dozen people from other cultures in the span of a city block, that I missed the racial implications. My first impression was “Oh - I get it. Bad joke comparing the chimp in Connecticut who went out of his mind with the morons who wrote the Stimulus Maximus.”

It wasn’t until I begrudgingly listened to MSNBC’s cesspool o’ bullshit called “Hardball” that I realized that Al Sharpton had already fired the first volley, inspiring the mindless Punditocracy to follow suit and inspire many to make asses of themselves by mimicking Sharpton’s battle cry. Sharp as a bowling ball, Sharpton re-created the same vigor he treated us to while exploiting the Tawana Brawley case, which in the end, turned out to be a total fabrication causing Al’s already dubious credibility to plummet even further than his most outspoken critics ever dreamed. Sharpton was ordered to pay the accused $65,000. Johnnie Cochran and other Sharpton benefactors subsidized the payment. Al Sharpton’s political image, unfortunately, has been little more than a joke ever since. His passion remains high, but his protestations are often met with suspicion and/or ridicule, which is unfortunate for any legitimate causes he may champion in the future. Now can you see why it’s dangerous to cry wolf?
Famous Chimps In The White House

bush_chimpNobody has been more critical of GWB’s tenure of the Presidency than I. That said, I wonder why nobody cried “racist” when this picture was published? Probably because, as in the case of the New York Post cartoon, racism had nothing to do with the image. The fact is that GWB was often (and, in my opinion, justifiably) criticized for making decisions that might as well have been made by a chimp. Often ridiculed as “America’s Funniest Monkey”, Dubbya mistook this negative attention for praise, and may just have to pay for it in spades in the future.

But again, I ask you, where was the outrage? or for that matter, the comparison to African Americans? Why didn’t the likes of Reverend Wright and The Huffington Post make a public outcry saying: “This cartoon of George W. Bush is troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys. One has to question whether the cartoonist is making a less than casual reference to this when in the cartoon they depict Dubbya as a chimpanzee, implying that his shameful polities are indicative of African-American sensibilities.” (the preceding quote was a paraphrase of Sharpton’s official remarks)

bonzoFinally, who could forget the (supposedly) endearing photos of Ronald Reagan from ‘Bedtime for Bonzo’? Pics like this were used both as criticism of Reagan’s policies as well as misguided attempts to humanize the two-dimensional character of Ronnie-boy’s public persona as seen through the lens of those who weren’t Pat Buchanan totally in the tank for him. Any public outcry then? not that I can remember.

In summary, the knee-jerk reaction to stretch the implications of political cartoons or commentary criticizing the legislation of the Obama presidency as ‘racist attacks against the president and the African-American community at large’ will only serve to numb the sensitivities of those who truly champion against racism and bigotry.

Are there racists in America? Sure there are, and they come in all colors. Like the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf, any future legitimate allegations of racism, bigotry or hate crimes stand a good chance of being suspect if this phony outrage continues.
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kathy said...

One of her most ridiculous statements "Maybe it’s because I live in Manhattan, where we are used to encountering as many as a dozen people from other cultures in the span of a city block, that I missed the racial implications."

So she lives in Manhattan, NYC, ha ha that is so stupid, like Howard Beach never happened, or John White, just to name of few of the incidents in recent memory, I guess she is just overlooking those racial implications,too, That is such a poor excuse of a defense, I can hardly believe it. I am also offended that she would call a 43 year old man a "boy" and the thing about little inch, I didn't even get that part.
In addition, while it's true that people might have referred to Bush as Curious George,not only does this ass ignore historical implications, but also, no where did we see cartoons of George (Bush) shot dead by the beat cops for his economic plan, not to mention the unwarrented and cruel war in Iraq, or the torture at Guantanimo Bay.
Not only that, how is it even remotely funny that a woman in Connecticut was maimed?

Tim Gunter said...

To Kid:

I am still using my real name. I have changed my mind. Tim Gunter is who I am. El Cid is something made up, which I won't use.

sisterstation said...

Quite frankly, Sybil, whoever you are, you are morally and mentally impoverished. I work in a hospital, and hospitals tend to be fairly multi-cultural places. The work could absolutely NOT get done without the nurses and aides from India, Korea, The Phillipines, most African countries and the caribean. None of my colleagues missed the racial implications. You are either blind or stupid or perhaps both. I think your real fear is that you will someday look deep inside yourself, and find yourself, terribly wanting in every way that matters.
People like you are already surplus to requirements. Why don't you leave the country and allow some deserving immigrant to take your place. You can depart with Rupert Murdoch; we're all sick of his meddling sophistry, too.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Read this article.

kid said...

Granny I have posted the Article for the Afrospear to see. Let me know if you need help with your blog.If you like to you can post your articles here and I will give you credit.