Friday, June 3, 2011

Republicans and al Qaeda want terrorist to have access to handguns in America

Adam Gadahn aka "Azzam the American" sent out a message for al Qaeda supporters in the U.S. to buy guns at gunshows. What do the Republicans do? They make it easier for the terrorist to have access to guns. Now I thought the Republicans were so gungho about stopping terrorism. Well what the N.R.A. wants comes first. As we know the Republicans main duty is to get the President, that whole protecting the people stuff comes later.

From The Hill May 13, 2011

Republicans on the House Judiciary panel shot down a proposal Thursday to prevent weapon sales to suspected terrorists.
In a party-line vote of 21-11, the committee Republicans killed an amendment from Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) that would have blocked firearm purchases by those on the FBI's terrorist watch list.

Appearance on the FBI's terrorist watch list, however, does not alone disqualify people from buying guns [under the Quigley amendment]. That database is designed to track those "known or appropriately suspected to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism."

Quigley's amendment would have empowered the U.S. attorney general to deny firearm sales to individuals on the FBI's list when surveillance obtained using the Patriot Act led the attorney general to believe those people would use the weapons for acts of terror.

Judiciary Republicans who spoke against the Quigley amendment Thursday ” including Reps. James Sensenbrenner Jr. [R- Wis.] and Louie Gohmert [R- Tx.] ” argued that restricting sales to people on the watch list would violate the Second Amendment rights of those placed on the list by mistake.

Louie Gohmert is the same guy that sponsored a bill on the President's birth certificate and "terror babies", children born to al Qaeda and Mexican women who give birth in the U.S.

James Sensenbrenner is the idiot that voted against $50 Billion for Katrina and tried to shut the House meetings down by taking the gavel and cutting off the microphones and lights.

We are dealing with idiots people. They are worried if al Qaeda 2nd Amendment rights are violated. There are no adults left in the Republican Party.


Hellpig said...

LMAO you are the "Enemey Within" you defend terrorists in fact Obama never met a terrorist he would not honor or defend...

but hey nice projection...

Hey who is Obama buddy you know the guy he launched his career with? Ohh yeah the unrepent Terrorist Bill Ayers.....hmmm who is Obama's AG ohh Yeah the terrorist defending know the guy who defedned the terrorists FARC.....

MLK would spit on you all for betraying your race and voting Slavery Party

Anonymous said...

Interesting but true never the less. King was obsessed with white women and he even patronized white prostitutes and used church funds for his parting.
One of King's closest associates said that King did have a weakness for women and indulged extramarital affairs very often,
He of course denied reports that he was attracted to white women like most cheaters do.
I'm not trying to put down African Americans, but most black men have the hots for white women with a passion. If Martin Luther King were around today, he’d be a whore-master bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger r

kid said...


You mean the same Bill Ayers that was appointed to an Education commitee by Ronald Reagan's friend Walter Annenberg? The same Bill Ayers that IF he was a terrorist five Republican President's didn't arrest him. Only Republicans DEAL with terrorist, the Obama Administration KILLS them. As a matter of fact bin Laden's replacement was KILLED a while ago.
Reagan SUPPORTED al Qaeda and the Taliban. Reagan's Vice President Bush made a deal with Iran.

Try again dumbass.

kid said...

@Hellpig,The Madhatter1945, Darth Bacon or whatever sock puppet you are today.

I get it , you hate black people. On the day that Dr. Martin Luther King was killed Jesse Jackson said "the white man best friend has died today". Dr. King WAS trying to keep black people from KILLING YOU. Because of white priviledge ALL the white racist groups that are out there have addresses and website. Do you know what the Black Militant groups are doing? Do you think that they will put up a website or a member's list? Do you know the names of the groups? After COINTELPRO they all went underground. One group that the goverment knows about is the Black Guerilla Family, which they only know about because they were around in the 60's and control prison gangs.

So when the shit goes down I will be minding my own business. We're all out of Dr. Kings right now. Bloggers like me and the other minority group of bloggers that are out there will probably be ask by the GOVERMENT to calm things down. Right now that what many minority groups are doing now. We told our communities to NOT REACT whn Glenn Beck SHITTED on Dr. King's memory. Sooner or later the right will say/do the wrong thing. If I was you I will pray every day for good health for the POTUS. If as they say in "The Godfather" a bolt of lightening touches him I don't think that Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton can't chill the masses out after the constant dog whistles Fox have sent out. America will be finished. So keep being a bigot. I don't belong to any secret Black organization. Your problem is trying to find out WHAT SECRET BLACK ORGANIZATION.

Hellpig said...


MLK was a GREAT REPUBLICAN and YOUR Slavery Party killed him

Hey did you vote for Obama because he was 25% Black?

kid said...

Blacks I will NEVER vote for

Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Col. Allen West, Herman "Munster" Cain, Condolezza Rice, Jesse Lee Peterson. I will NEVER vote for a boot lickin', ass kissing Republican. Why would I vote for the people that WANT ME DEAD?

You know you're acting pretty childish. Dr. King's children even said HE WASN'T REPUBLICAN. Now his niece who is PAID by the right is the only one that says so. Alveda King even said that her father was murdered. He died from a suicide and she was the only one at home which means that EITHER SHE DID IT or he committed suicide. She was the one that attended Glenn Beck's eff Dr. King rally. This is the SAME Glenn Beck that called her uncle a socialist and a communist. Maybe she don't care because she's paid to Tom for white folk.

kid said...


My choice is either the "Former" slave party or the party that the Klu Klux Klan, Stormfront, Skinheads and the Aryan Nation supports NOW!

Lisa said...

You mean the same Bill Ayers that was appointed to an Education commitee by Ronald Reagan's friend Walter Annenberg?

I have a friend who's friend's friend has a friend who knows someone who robbed a bank. OOOOOH i GUESS i MUST BE A THIEF TOO.

kid said...


I guess you will STFU then about Bill Ayers. BTW Palin sleep with a terrorist that wanted to separate from the United States. Sean Klannity let a neo Nazi SLEEP at HIS home and invited him to the studio. Did I mentioned that Hal Turner shows how to make pipe bombs on his website too? I also forgot that he's a junkie and bisexual.

Darth Bacon said...

You dumb, lying fuck.

Explain what Annenberg has to do with Ayers' self-confessed terrorism which resulted in actual deaths.

Then you can explain why you don't want to see Andrew Breitbart investigated and charged- since you KNOW he 'framed' Rep. Weinie.

And you do know, people can end up on the 'Watch List' for no reason, right? Isn't that one of the reasons you lying moochers oppose the PatriotUSA Act?

And since everyone who buys guns at gun shows has to pass an NCIC check, why pass more laws, which require more spending?

Before you telling me ANYTHING about guns or gun laws (you, who thinks an AR15 is a 'machine gun', and thinks he knows when one is loaded from seeing a picture!), I'll let you know I'm a Department of Justice- approved Title II device owner. That's silencers, machine guns- anything I want. I know the laws, and your dumb black ass doesn't know shit from Shine-Ola.

When are you going to get tired of beclowning yourself by yammering on about things you haven't the slightest idea about?


kid said...

Darth Bitch the Gentile

"I know the laws, and your dumb black ass doesn't know shit from Shine-Ola."

And your dumb white ass don't know shit. Bill Ayers NEVER killed anybody.

BTW bitch, people in the Armed Services call a unloaded weapon a toy. That punk should have been shot. If a Black man had a slingshot at a Reagan rally they would have blown him to kingdon come.

Shaw Kenawe said...

1. Was Ayers the leader of a terrorist group?

The FBI labeled the Weather Underground "a domestic terrorist group" whose members took credit for bombings of the U.S. Capitol, Pentagon and other government buildings. The bombings were designed to cause property damage, not hurt people. Ayers never has been accused of killing anybody.

But three Weather Underground members accidentally killed themselves while making bombs in New York City in 1970. In 1981, two police officers and a security guard were killed when other members of the group committed an armed robbery.

2. How long was Ayers "underground"?

Ayers and his wife, Weather Underground member Bernardine Dohrn, were on the lam 10 years before surrendering in 1980.

3. Were they ever convicted of "terrorism" charges?

No. Ayers faced federal riot and bombing-conspiracy charges, but those charges were dropped because of illegal wiretaps, break-ins and mail interceptions by authorities. Dohrn served less than a year behind bars for non-bombing activities tied to the group.

4. How are Ayers and Dohrn viewed now?

At least before the 2008 presidential campaign, they were mainly seen as respected college professors. After getting his doctorate in education at Columbia University, Ayers joined the University of Illinois, where he gained a national reputation pushing innovative -- some say controversial -- approaches to educating at-risk youth. Dohrn has a national reputation for pushing reforms of the juvenile justice system. Ayers has published 15 books. He sits on civic boards with Mayor Daley, who in 1997 awarded Ayers the city's "Citizen of the Year" award. Ayers and Dohrn live in Hyde Park, not far from the Obamas.

5. So how well do Ayers and Obama know each other?

Ayers and Obama served on separate boards associated with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an education-reform group that Obama began chairing in March 1995 and continued to work with through 2000. Ayers served on the Chicago School Reform Collaborative, which made recommendations to the board on grant awards during those years. Ayers and Obama occasionally would see each other in those roles.

Also, Ayers served alongside Obama between December 1999 and December 2002 on the board of the not-for-profit Woods Fund of Chicago. That board met four times a year, and members would see each other at dinners the group hosted.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Darth Bacon said...

Again, pShaw just dumps a link from some biased liberal dump, in lieu of her own argument.

Billyboy and his pals were building a bomb. It went off, killing his pals. That makes him a murderer, for having killed someone in the commission of another felony (bombmaking)- so learn the law, dimwit. When you're part of an ongoing criminal conspiracy, you're guilty of whatever crimes further that conspiracy. Sort of like when your pals use a telephone to do a crack deal in your ghetto- that's Wire Fraud, in addition to your crack dealing. See how that works, Bucky?

His co-conspirators killed people during a robbery. Larry Grathwohl, a Federal Bureau of Investigation informant in the Weatherman group from the fall of 1969 to the spring of 1970, stated that "Ayers, along with Bernardine Dohrn, probably had the most authority within the Weathermen". Ayers is famously quoted for having gloated over getting away with his crimes, saying "Guilty as sin, free as a bird". I bet that makes the lowlife wannabe hoodie in you so proud.

Whatever you think other people think (because you don't think for yourself), an AR15 isn't a machine gun no matter how many times some drooling 'tard like you calls it one. But it is pretty telling of your thieving ghetto monkey mindset, that you think the guy carrying a rifle should be shot for not being a step n' fetchit puppet of white millionaires like yourself. Soros says 'dance', and you say 'Yassuh, Mistah Soros, suh! Whatever you say, suh!'

So, when are you going to demand a full investigation of Breitbart, since your white masters told you he 'smeared' Rep. Weinie?

Darth Bacon said...

By the way, your disgusting piece of shit Ayers dedicated Prairie Fire to Sirhan Sirhan- who assassinated Bobby Kennedy.

Nice people you worship.


dmarks said...

Shaw: You don't make a very good case there, really. So the Weathermen terrorists weren't very successful at what they tried to do. The same is true of the underwear bomber. And Ayers' charges were dropped due to technicalities, not his innocence.

It's rather disturbing that you make light of these terrorists.

"The bombings were designed to cause property damage, not hurt people."...there's a reason that arson and attacks with explosives are considered to be assaultive offenses.

GrouchyFogie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaw Kenawe said...


I make no case for Ayers or the Weathermen.

Again you've failed to understand that I copied and pasted an article from the Chicago Sun Times that dealt in fact instead of the garbage being posted here by kid's disgusting trolls.

As you can plainly see, the bacon troll is out of his mind, since he labels anyone a "worshipper" who dares to counter his filthy rot with facts.

His idea of discussion is to call kid and me vile names, because he hasn't the intellect to engage in anything better.

One has only to read his neurotic prose to understand he's either drunk or on mind-altering drugs. No sober person behaves in such a grossly overstrung manner.

This is exactly the behavior of a sad little powerless troll:

"[A] troll is someone who posts inflammatory[citation needed], extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion." --Wikipedia

I don't know why kid tolerates this, but that's his business.

Hellpig and bacon tried to troll my blog and were promptly deleted. I don't allow agitators to post schoolyard taunts in my comment section.

Anonymous said...

The Kid said..
"And your dumb white ass don't know shit. Bill Ayers NEVER killed anybody."

Wow, such strong racist ANTI- WHITE language.

Who was it that said "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."

KnuckledragginAndI'mFeelinNoPain said...

What Stupid bunch of people…do they really believe what they are saying.

Hellpig said...

Hey Kid do you feel about Farakhan? is he a good black man?

So how do you sleep at night knowing you voted a White man Obama into office?

kid said...

"I know the laws, and your dumb black ass doesn't know shit from Shine-Ola."

TheMadhatter1945 said...
The Kid said..
"And your dumb white ass don't know shit. Bill Ayers NEVER killed anybody."

Wow, such strong racist ANTI- WHITE language.

Who was it that said "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."


I only respond to someone the way they respond to me. I guess it's onlt racism when it happens to white people. We know the 500 year history of all the obstacles put in front of you. Hellpig, Darth, mad Hatter or whatever false idenity you're using, you're all are full of it.

kid said...


I guess you didn't noticed ALL the racist joke here. They're YOUR people. Republicans thaat think that blacks are subhuman.

Now about Ayers,HE WAS A HERO. Have you forgotten about COINTELPRO? The Government were trying to sabotage people like Dr. King, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton and Williams Ayers. The Goverment declared war on THE LEFT. The FBI didn't go after terrorist like "Dynamite Bob" of Birmingham that KILLED four little girls in a church. The man went out and bragged about it. Back then black lives were expendable.

Hellpig said...

Farakhan will soon rot in hell with muhammad

MLK a GREAT REPUBLICAN murdered by the racist Slavery party Dems

Darth Bacon said...

Ayers is a hero.

There you have it- right from the gondie's mouth.

The man who dedicated a book to the man who murdered Robert Kennedy is a hero.

An unrepentant murderer who sought to violently impose his utopia on the rest of us, is a hero to you.

And by your logic, he was murdering, and bombing, and shooting because of...COINTELPRO?


He was doing it, because like all of you thieving leftist scum, he is a narcissist to the point of murder. Little Billy Ayers decided his vision of the world was so important, some people had to die for it.

This bears repeating, for the folks me and RR have brought here recently (otherwise known as 99 percent of your readership!):

You lying, thieving scumwads don't give a FLYING FUCK about the notions of equality, tolerance, or even the rule of law.

What you want is a turn at the whip.

To which I'll repeat, again-

Molon Labe. Come- take it.

Darth Bacon said...

Oh, and as for the 'war on the left', I can't imagine why the FBI would be concerned with the domestic left...

Perhaps it was because you disgusting, lying, thieving scumbags will ally yourself with the actual enemies of mankind- such as Communists, and now Muslims- for political expediency. Or, perhaps it was because of the left's use of bombings, shootings, and robberies to destroy society from the inside in the same way you and your fellow thieves and looters are doing now.


Oops, sorry- Terrorist-Worshiping Scumbag.

Your fundamental dishonesty is obvious even to a small child, who can tell that when you only object to violence against some people and not all people, you are a lying sack of shit. Here's a hint, you disgusting subhuman piece of trash- 'Heroes' give THEIR OWN lives for their cause. They DO NOT wantonly take OTHERS' lives to prove a point. That's what Ayers and all terrorists do. And you call him a hero.

Proceed directly to punching yourself in the face.

Then dance.

PS- learn what an 'IP Address' is, and how to check them. Then you can see I don't sockpuppet. That is a trick for you lefty terrorist lovers, not us.

Darth Bacon said...


You simply delete anyone who doesn't swallow your okey-doke.

When have you ever offered anything like an argument, as opposed to just telling kid how superior your okey-doke is to any rationale put forth by your detractors?

Here, I'll help you with the answer.


Now shut up, idiot.

dmarks said...

The Republicans, like the Democrats, want the terrorists locked up or otherwise gotten rid of. No one wants the terrorists to have any weapons.

As for law-abiding Americans getting handguns, if you don't like it, don't buy handguns. Problem solved.


Kid said: "I guess you didn't noticed ALL the racist joke here. They're YOUR people. Republicans thaat think that blacks are subhuman."

No, actually the Republicans tend to be the party that think that people are equal regardless of race. It is in the Democrats that you find the most support for "affirmative action" and other special advantage that assumes that African-Americans are social cripples who can't succeed if the playing field is level.

"The man went out and bragged about it. Back then black lives were expendable."

And it was Farrakhan's organization that called for, and got, the assassination of Malcolm X.

Darth Bacon said...


Any similarities between Farrakhan having an opponent murdered, Kid Illiterate saying a black conservative should be murdered, and the murderous nature of life in tribal Africa?

I guess murder is one of those African 'traditions' the rest of us are expected to 'embrace', and 'celebrate'.

For Equality!

Jersey McJones said...

I remember, just after 9/11, the Bush administration refused to investigate arms purchases with possible relation to suspected terrorists.

It's insane. This "gun-nut" thing has become a psychosis.

If we believe we live in a nation that requires us to be a friggin' armed militia, then we can at least agree to own up to our arms. For Christ's sake, what's the difference?

It is those of us who deal in illicit arms who should be afraid. Right? Isn't that what all those rightwingers say about the Patriot Act and the GWOT???

Fuck them.

This is real life, not Crazy Ideology Land. It is hysterically ironic that proponents of the GWOT and GITMO and Iraq and all the other abuses of our rights, complain about checking gun records to see if any bad names pop up.

I tell ya' what. Don't look into any other of my personal records and then complain about your stupid f'n guns. ;)

Great post man. You're always amazing.


Darth Bacon said...

So Jersey-

If you despise guns and 'gun nuts' so much, don't buy a gun, mkay?

Every legal gun purchase subjects the buyer to an NCIC check. For someone who seems opposed to the very existence of watch lists (and other 'abuses of our rights', as you call them. Heh!), I would think you would understand that the lists are full of erroneous entries, duplicates, similar spellings, etc. Whether you agree with my right to own a gun or not, there is no compelling interest for the state to add yet another layer of compliance for law-abiding buyers. End of story.

kid said...


"No, actually the Republicans tend to be the party that think that people are equal regardless of race. It is in the Democrats that you find the most support for "affirmative action" and other special advantage that assumes that African-Americans are social cripples who can't succeed if the playing field is level".

Well why don't Justice Thomas resign from his job? He didn't get it because he was the best Lawyer around. He even said that he was a Affirmative Action beneficiary. Strange that after he got his he didn't want anyone else to get theirs.

Minorities are NOT crippled. Let's look at Tom Joyner and Sean Hannity. Tom was a member of the music group "The Commodores". He got his degree and worked at two radio stations. In the morning he was on in Chicago, in the evening he flew to Texas to do his show.Sean Hannity HAS NO DEGREE. He walks into Bob Grant's studio and got a radio job. Nowdays some whites claim reverse racism because the Black or Hispanic person with the degree is going to supervise them mopping. It's not the old days when the White guy no education outranked the Black guy with the degree.

Funny you didn't comment on the racist comments left by the other Republicans towards me? Every day someone calls me Buckwheat. I leave it up to show people how racist Republicans are and you still didn't get it.

kid said...

@dmarks and Bacon

If you're going to mention Malcolm's death you might as well mention the people that help facilitate it. There were about twenty of more undercover police at the Audubon Ballroom when Malcolm was shot. The FBI and CIA (CIA arent allowed to work in the United States) were complicit as well. Betty Shabazz (Malcolm's widow) and Minister Farrakhan settled their differences. The Panthers destruction, the inflitration of SNCC and SCLC was done with the help of COINTELPRO. The whole government came after us. Now also don't forget Iran/Contra and Ricky "Freeway" Ross and the CIA dumping all that crack into Black America.


Thanks alot Jersey! Nice hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Malcolm along with Calypso Louie Farrakhan and his Millions of followers in that black racist cult called "the Nation of Islam" and the rest of those black racist fucks, along with assholes like you who are their racist messengers.

Anonymous said...

The best thing that Malcolm X ever did for America was to get shot!