Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Have you seen what the Republicans been putting in the news lately? Wild packs of Blacks Gangs have been running around terrorising white people. Well it's a little exagerrated. Some "kids" have used flash mobs to do some petty crime. It's nothing the National Guard should be called on to stop. Now some people have said that the Guard should be brought in. Now these "Gangs" as they're called aren't Gangs. This would be equivalent to saying that the kids from "the Jersey Shore" and doing mob hits. What's happeniing in certain parts of the country is that someone is telling these kids to do this and it NOT organized crime. The one thing that organized crime hates is publicity, they're out to make money. The nations largest Black organized crime groups are located in Chicago. Many control the organized crime even in other cities and states including all the way to L.A. I don't think that they're telling thirty people to go into Wal-Mart and steal thirty sandwiches and soft drinks. Would John Gotti do that? Somebody is going to be hurt and it's not the REAL gangsters. Many of the gangs in Chicago are even connected with the LCN. the Mafia. I repeat they are NOT telling kids to steal food out of stores. The real gangs want to make money and when people mess with their money they use violence.

The different gangs in Chicago are at least fifty years old. Some of the people have establish legal businesses. Now why would organize crime tell kids to do petty crime that they can't make money off of? The reason someone is controlling the kids for other reasons. In many right wing publications they're connecting it with race. The meme is that the big bad blacks are attacking whites because they want to start the revolution. This kind of talk only appeals to old bigots. If kids were trying to start a revolution wouldn't they go to gun shops instead of a store to buy a sandwich? I can't prove that this is politically motivated from the right but I can prove that they WERE lying about hoow many events it were as in Peoria. You take a lot of crime articles about blacks and exagerrated and lie and you got black mobs hunting whites. Black people KNOW that when you do a crime against a white person the sentence will be twice or three times as long as it would be if it was committed on a minority.


Lisa said...


kid said...

You know you're a discusting human being. Read this POS:

"Jackson is a highly sought national speaker, and has graced the stage with luminaries as Neal Boortz, Herman Cain, Judge Napolitano, and Andrew Breitbart, to name a few."

"In addition to his Amazon best-selling The BIG Black Lie, Jackson has appeared numerous times on the Glenn Beck show, The Factor with Bill O’Reilly, and MSNBC."

"Jackson writes his almost daily blog and is a contributing writer to Breitbart’s Big Government, American Thinker, and his work was has been featured in Townhall magazine."

Your boy is a ass kissing punk ass Tom. What he's teaching his kids will get them killed. Neal Boortz wants to shoot children that look LIKE HIS KIDS! Herman Cain says to not mention race, then he says that he's more of a black man than the POTUS. Napolitano wants to jail the President that sent the order to get bin Laden or as the Judge calls him "a world leader".Andrew Breitbart went after a old black lady that had her father murdered by a racist. Breitbart also TRIED to have the Pigford case sabotage and destroy the NAACP the way they destroyed ACORN.

Lisa said...

sounds like someone is jealous. You are live in a world of fabricated hate.
If anyone should be hateful it should be Jackson but h's not.
And to act like you have he right to spew your hate is selfish kid. I know a couple of people that would be happy to trade places with you instead of where they are and they have a hell of alot les hate than you.
You should really ome out of your haze once in awhile. Maybe you can volunteer to help others and see what real value you have instead of your hate mongering.

Lisa said...

I am sure you won't publish that last comment because you hate mirrors. this is why you have no followers except your fool honky friend who kisses your ass
like some kind of sympathizing phony when in reality would probably walk on the other side of the street if walking passed you like some "typical" white person.

kid said...


I never heard of Kevin Jackson Super Tom ,but I have heard of Jim Brown the football player. Jim Brown has a program called Amer-I-Can that helps get kids out of gnags and into jobs. Jim has invited kids to his house. Kids in the Bloods, Crips, Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, MS13, La Eme. Black Gurilla Family, Nuestra Familia, and others. He has NO BODYGUARDS. there are guys in Cleveland that Jim helped start businesses. Jim helped staart the black movie business. Jim and Richard Pryor had a black production company that help started the careers of a lot of blacks in the movie business.

He still comes to Cleveland from time to time to work in the community.

You "boy" Kevin makes his money stopping black people from advancing. He gets his money from YOUR and other bigots that think that black people are stupid.

Read, Learn, Emulate, and GFYS you racist bigot.!

None of my heros kiss ass.

kid said...


You have some fucking nerve. You have NEVER been around ANY black people. You know fucking well what would happen if you got into a black persons face and make the analogy that Bush being compared to a Monkey is the same as when they do it to the POTUS. THEY WILL KNOCK YOUR GOTDAMN TEETH OUT!

Maybe Hermn Cain, Jesse Lee Peterson, Kevin Johnson and others like to and enjoy getting paid to be told fuck you by white bigots, but I don't.

Darth Bacon said...

So let me get this eight:

You just ADMITTED that blacks would assault A WOMAN, for expressing an idea that would send them over the edge, like baboons?

Nice people you blacks are.

Kid, you're too much of a pussy to let me comment- which is why nobody comes to your racist moron blog.

Terrorist-worshiping scumbag

kid said...


Would you make the same analogy to an Italian, Irish, or Jewish person using one of the known stereotypes about them?

No you love attacking Blacks because it's easy.

Darth Bacon said...

And you blacks make it so easy.

Stupid gondie- you think you have balls, or courage? What a laugh.

You run like a pussy from my words.

I split atoms with my mind, munt.

Dave Miller said...

Kid, remember that Lisa has said she uses a blend of both true and false facts...

And despite being asked many times, has never explained what a false fact is.

Lisa, if you ever tried to explain that comment, perhaps people might take you seriously.

How about it Lisa? It was your statement. Why do you refuse to respond?

Are you unable to come up with a reasonable answer?

Lisa said...

I never lived around black people you effing a-hole. I had a dear friend who was black and lived with my family along with her daughter for a while.
When I was in Junior High, and that was along time ago) I had a black girlfriend who came over to my house a few times and was not even thought of as being black to my family and neither did I. The only difference is they were easy to be friends with because they weren't full of hate.

Oh yeah no hate there.

Maybe you should be more like K and set a good example for your kids(oh I hope you don't have any)

I am not knocking blacks, I am knocking you for acting like an asshole.

I lived in a mixed neighborhood. My friend's house around the block got robbedwhile they were sleeping,our house got robbed and the people across the street got robbed twice. I grew up in that neighborhood but was forced to move.
Go ahead call me racist for stating facts.

GrouchyFogie said...

Hey Dave Miller, why don't you respond to the Kid saying that Lisa has "Some Fucking nerve"

kid said...
@Lisa You have some fucking nerve.