Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Paradox" Philosophy

This is the world Republican live in:


It was a combination of situation and utilitarian ethics: the ends justified the means, and one should do whatever had to be done to benefit oneself.


Notably a lack of attachment to others, impulsive decision-making, a lack of remorse, a tendency to rationalize what they do and to blame others, a charming and manipulative manner, and a lack of empathy. Arrogant and narcissistic, and never failing to grab the opportunity to exploit.

This was a psychologist describing Joe Hunt, the young man that order murders and founded the Billionaire Boys Club. Joe rationalized to the other members of the BBC the reason why they could break the law and kill. He rationalized everything. It is now the Republican Party's mantra.

Republican justify what they are doing as Dick Cheney said "changing reality". In Republican world Blacks are racist and Dr. King is a Republican. President Obama killed a "world leader" and George Bush caught bin Laden.

ACORN didn't "pimp" people, Shirley Sharrod wasn't racist to the old white couple, and minority farmers WERE screwed.

Paradox Philosophy is taking what happen to Black people and saying it happened to whites.People held up signs worrying about "White Slavery". How long WERE they enslaved by Black people?

The whole Republican Party are a bunch of psychopaths.

Five policemen get shot, three died AND NO REMORSE. The police are more upset at the President siding with his handicapped teacher who was dragged out of his home WITHOUT HIS CANE.

A Hispanic girl and her father get murdered by a female member of the Minuteman, AND THERE'S A FUNDRAISER FOR THE KILLER.

Mass shooting in Arizona and a little girl born on 9/11 dies. A Congresswoman is shot in the head. Fox tells the media to STOP BLAIMING THEM. The right calls the "First Responders" heros on 9/11. This year they called them "moochers" for wanting more funding for their 9/11 health issues.

People bring guns in Arizona to a Presidential rally, the right cry out that it wasn't racist because THEY INVITED A BLACK GUY WITH A GUN THERE. They also say that it WAS OK BECAUSE OF THEIR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT. Funny I don't remember no one bringing their Tec-9 to a Palin rally.

I think that the most extreme example of this I seen was on "The Oreilly Factor". Bill had a video called "Criminals Gone Wild". It shown black people filming daylight robberies. The look of the film was similiar to the film made in pre WWII Germany called "Rats". It was used to justify the extermination of a race. They ractionalized everything in that movie. Well in Bill's staged fake movie they did the same thing. They rationalized the extermination of black people. This was released when Senator Obama was running for President at the time.

Now we see Fox and the right revisions history everyday. Fake Black Civil Rights leaders thank white people for slavery. Gays do not want Gay rights. Hispanics don't want other Hispanics to come to "their" country.

How long can they keep up the lie before we all take a peek at the man behind the curtain?


Hellpig said...


Kid you are a racist....MLK spits on you

you fucking Uncle Tom

GrouchyFogie said...
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GrouchyFogie said...

Pirate, I’m gonna be honest with you, you really need help badly and fast. , you are one sick puppy.
The constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. And the constitution guarantees us FREE Speech. If you don’t like what these people here are saying about you etc. Then perhaps you shouldn’t be blogging in the first place.
You’re an idiot, and people are just reacting to your disingenuous posts. Your post are meant to infuriate whites, so you cowardly bitch and moan when anyone reacts in kind. You and your liberal supporters are a bunch of ungrateful ass holes. Always blaming the current society for deeds committed by others hundreds of years ago. Deeds that no one alive had anything to do with. . Instead of complaining about everything that the white people do or say, why not look at all the privileges your people have gained over the past decades? But no, you would rather spend you times complaining about the injustices of the past. People like you are no different than the useless aboriginals of the days gone by. . You are always taking the benefits and the handouts and the entitlements but contribute nothing but misery to society , just like the Muslims. You are all parasites, all of you. . Period!

Take a good look at the statistics that cause the problems here in America and the rest of the world. Look at who are causes these problems. Look at who the jails are full of. Maybe that might change your views. Because right now, your imbecility defies cognitive comprehension. Is there any hope for people of your type? Naw, never, they never learn, because they don’t want to. They would rather feed off the public.

Shaw Kenawe said...


This is a long comment to counter the lies your resident pig troll has posted:

From PolitiFact:

Thomas Jackson, a history professor at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and author of From Civil Rights to Human Rights: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Struggle for Economic Justice, for his take on the video:

He told us that Alveda King's description of the Republican Party's history was on the mark. "The Party of (Abraham) Lincoln defended black rights most vocally in the 1860s and 1870s, then abandoned the cause when the Democrats and the (Ku Klux) Klan defeated Republican state governments in the South. Blacks started their historic switch to the Democrats during the New Deal," which were economic programs implemented in the 1930s under President Franklin Roosevelt in response to the Great Depression.

But Jackson said that he would not consider King a Republican, calling him instead a " 'tax and spend' democratic socialist."

"He wanted the nation to spend billions of dollars directly to employ the unemployed when the private sector failed, and a vigorous mixture of affirmative action and anti-poverty programs championed by the liberal-left, and targeted federal spending in impoverished areas, especially the nation's slums," Jackson said.

David Garrow — author of Bearing the Cross: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which won the 1987 Pulitzer Prize for biography — advised against assigning King to either party. "It's simply incorrect to call Dr. King a Republican," Garrow told us.

However, he said he wouldn't call King a Democrat, either, because he had "very positive feelings" about Republican Richard Nixon in the late 1950s and "extremely positive feelings" about Republican Nelson Rockefeller, the New York governor who later served as vice president. Also, Garrow said, King became "a very harsh critic" of Democratic President Lyndon Johnson over his escalation of the Vietnam War and "wouldn't necessarily have backed (Democratic presidential nominee) Hubert Humphrey in '68 had he (King) lived."

We asked Garrow about the 2006 Post article's statements that King had voted for Democratic presidential candidates John F. Kennedy in 1960 and Lyndon Johnson in 1964. He said there is little doubt that King did so.

But that doesn't mean King made public his political preferences. In his book, Garrow writes that during the 1960 race between Kennedy and Republican Richard Nixon, King declined to endorse either nominee — even after Kennedy associates interceded with officials in Georgia to help secure King's release from jail on a probation violation. The closest King came to that was a few days before the election when he released a statement that said: "I want to make it palpably clear that I am deeply grateful to Senator Kennedy for the genuine concern he expressed. ... (He) exhibited moral courage of a high order."

Shaw Kenawe said...


King's father, however, was so grateful to Kennedy that he announced he was shifting his traditionally Republican presidential preference to vote for Kennedy, according to Garrow's book.

King was more vocal about the candidates in the 1964 presidential election, when Johnson faced GOP nominee Barry Goldwater, who as an Arizona senator had voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Garrow told us that King "certainly did all but explicitly endorse LBJ in '64 and strongly criticize the Goldwater candidacy." Garrow writes in Bearing the Cross that King urged his supporters to vote against Goldwater and all GOP candidates who did not disassociate from him.

According to the King Online Encyclopedia, from Stanford University's Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute, King campaigned for Johnson and welcomed his win."


kid, it is important to remember that pigs wallow in filth, and when they leave their mudholes, they spread that filth everywhere.

Hellpig said...

@Kenyan Shaw

You do know that someday you and all the followers of the child raping false prophet Muhammad will rot in hell where you will take turns with Mo sucking the pigshit off Allah's dick do you not?

Hey Kid Dem created unemployment back up to 16% or if you use ObamaMath 9.1%

MLK was a GREAT REPUBLICAN..."we the people" forgive the Slavery Party Dems for murdering you.

Darth Bacon said...


Now you're just openly plagiarizing???

Where are your NetKop friends- the ones who have blog about exposing plagiarism.

Darth Bacon said...


pShaw's not Kenyan.

Other than our poor, benighted host, the blackest thing on this blog is Hot Topics' nail polish and lipstick.


Another great security word:


Shaw Kenawe said...


I notice you still have a pig and a piece of bacon trolling your blog.

It is obvious they have a crush on you and adore your blog, else why would they come here day after day after day?

It is true that they use the most vile language and lies to disguise their real feelings, but it's obvious to anyone with a functioning intellect that if they didn't like you, they'd stay away.

But they don't.

They really like you, and support this blog by being faithful commenters. How sweet.


Darth Bacon said...

You're right, pShaw!

You done founds us out. Either that, or you have some kind of secret decoder ring.

What an idiot- you're here defending this dumb fuck, even when he plagiarizes.

When are you going to demand an investigation of WeinerGate, you dishonest sacks of crap?

Hellpig said...

Hey pShaw

what Darth said.....


GrouchyFogie said...
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mistaanonymous said...
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mistaanonymous said...

Why don't you go back to Somalia with the rest of the bunch of your pirate parasite friends.