Sunday, September 19, 2010

Playing the pile on game

Ever wonder why people who seem perfectly logical want to put our country in the direct line of fire from a whole religion? Money.Racism and bigotry sells. By playing to peoles prejudices they are able to sell their products and make money. A missle or a tank sitting along somewhere unused doesn't make money for the people that built it unless it is destroyed. Then the war profitters make money. When there is no war , they don't get paid. That's when scapegoats come in. Gay, Muslim, Black, Female, Hispanic, anybody. Foundations like The Cato Institute and other Conservative think tanks and financed by the Koch family.

They started their foundations in the late 70's. Several of the big Conservative foundations were started by the Koch family. The message is racial hate and violence. Their companies make $100 Billion a year.

So now you know why the President looks weak, it's because of these Koch suckers.


Jersey McJones said...

Great piece. There's a new book out by Woodward on the Obama administration and the war in Afghanistan. It's coming out soon. From the exerpts out there so far we learn that the military was out to make life miserable for him from the beginning. The danger here is clear - our military is breaaking frm it's role as civilian-controlled, and that is a horrifically frightening proposition!

The military is looking more and more every day like it's run by the generals and colonels of Dr Strangelove.

"We'll meet again, some sunny day..."


kid said...

What's up Jersey!

Now the people that have been bitching that the President should end the war, can see in black and white how hard a time the Military was giving him.