Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breitbart's Bull

In about the mid 80's when I went to college "Dittoheads" would have something called a "Pimp Party". Whites would put shoe polish on their face and hire prostitutes and have sex with them. When Brittany Spears had her wedding to Kevin Fedderline the wedding party wore matching sweat suits with Pimp and Whore spelled on the back of them. When Breitbart had his fake ass, staged ACORN Ratfucking they dressed like Pimps and Whores. Two of these films show the real Breitbart and one is so fake I had to laugh at it. Then I got pissed. Why do rich bigots want to shit on poor people? They want to piss us off so fucking much that we'll riot. Guess what, WE WON'T. Only Fox viewers go out and shoot five policemen because Glenn Beck said THEY were coming for your gun and you were going to a FEMA camp. Three of those policemen died because of what Beck said.


Lisa said...

Oh yes Maddow and Letterman are so inclusive living in their gated communities.
By the way MSNBC works for the White House . Don't think they don't have a "goal".

Lisa said...

Acorn was involved in voter fraud and now the SUI is involved in a big voter fraud scam in Houston. Both groups directly tied to the president. Why do you think Andy Stern stepped down. He was at the White House so often he was raising suspicion.
Let's hear Maddow report that. After all isn't she supposed to be a journalist?
That should be a big story for a journalist. But she won't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Jersey McJones said...

The rise of the Violent Right is coming, and the differnce between the Violent Right and the Violent Left is that the Violent Right is far, far, far more violent, and far, far, far more powerful. Soon, we'll see the results of the Violent Right, then Lisa here can have something real to worry about.


kid said...

What's up Jersey. BTW, the violent Right's bloodletting already started. Dead Policemen in Pittsburgh, Dr. Tiller, burned Mosques, stabbed Taxi Driver. How much blood is the right willing to shead for Koch, Forbes, and Murdoch?

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

How much blood is the left willing to shad for Soros,Obama and Pelosi.

You guys crack me up.You think this admin is creating some Utopian dream for us. The difference between you and some of the rest of us is we know the price tag that ordinary folks will be on the hook for all of this spending. You think it will be just the rich? Just wait.

You always say we don't pay enough taxes now. At the rate this admin is carelessly going down the road you will need at least 2x the money to live half of what you live on now. It's just that your hate for everything conservative is blinding you from reality.

I tend to believe European countries when thy tell us to stop the spending. They know from experience.
Anyway once China has more influence in our economy none of it will matter anyway.
How do you feel about the proposal for more internet regulation?
You cried about wire tapping for 6 years yet nothing about this.
Your complacency is your biggest threat. Not tea partiers.

Lisa said...

Speaking of violence:
Here is the religion you defend. Not to mention how many Americans lives have been threatened by Islam who dare to say anything against them.
You people are your own worst enemies.