Wednesday, September 29, 2010

James O'Keefe gets busted!

Looks like the ACORN Pimp ran out of luck. James O'Keefe was caught trying to make up the news, again. The fool was going to try to seduce a CNN reporter onto a boat full of sex toys to embarrass her and the network. This guy looks like he NEEDS a Pimp to get a girl on a boat. What really piss me off about a punk like him was that back in the day when I went to college, young Republicans had "Pimp Parties". They would wear fake fur coats and spear shoe polish on their face and hire black prostitutes to have sex with. They would also have bake sales where they would charge blacks a penny for a cookie and whites $10 for a cookie. Get it, affirmative action. This didn't go on where I went because it was fairly integrated. You know the colleges where this would happen would have fights on the campus. These places had "Rush Rooms" where they had Limbaugh on a loop 24/7, yes he had a T.V. show.

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