Sunday, September 12, 2010

Don't forget who was on duty at the time

One of the first things that George Bush wanted to do before he was President was to invade Iraq. The day he first stepped foot in the White House his staff made up the lie that the Clinton staff sabotaged the computers. That day Clinton told him the most important thing was to go after al-Qaeda, he didn't listen.


Lisa said...

what a bunch of crap. The purpose of the 9/11 commission was to find out what went wrong but when they found out Clinton had to take some responsibility they dropped it. Why do you think nothing happened to Sandy(documents in my pants)Berger?
Because there had to be something there that incriminated him.
Stop acting like the democrats are your saviors. They all care about the same thing....power and they will take all those willing to give it to them to any level to keep it.
Pretending to come to your rescue while screwing you in the process.
They don't give 2 craps about you.
All they care about is their own interests.
That's why the Tea Party is for all the people not just target groups in order to buy votes.
The democrats don't want equality ,they never did. How else can they use you then?
Wake up and smell the Tea and stop listening to the lies about the tea party folks.
Instead go to one and find out for yourself instead of the liberal lies.

kid said...

You talking to the wrong nigga. I'm not Jesse Lee Peterson running around "thanking white people for slavery". That's the name of the You Tube he did. to quote Louis Farrakhan "listen children I got something to tell,a white mans heaven is a blacks mans hell". Newt Gingrich called the President a Kenyan anti-Colonist.Is that a dog whistle for kill the nigger? Black people are tired of being treated like niggers. Black people would burn this motherfucker down before we'll be ruled by a fucked up racist bitch like Sarah Palin.

You fucking white people expecially you tea baggers have been acting like some racist assholes this year. Having yout mother fuck niggers and Dr. King day, burning Korans, Mosques or whatever you punk like doing.

People like Jesse Lee Peterson and other assorted toms are paid to kiss your ass. What happens when the check bounces? You should be worried because we're all out of Martin Luther Kings especially after the way ya'll treated our asses this year.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

wow Kid why don't you say what you really feel?
I think you should be more worried about the democrats who are purposely destroying the economy.
What's the matter the economy doesn't affect you?
Sarah Palin isn't racist because someone told you she was.
The Democrats used Obama for his race so you and them can point the finger at every white person who opposes his radical policies and say see they are "racists and bigots." I said it during the campaign,as usual I was right in my prediction.
Yep they got you right where they want you still on the plantation.
Because they can only use you as long as you stay victim.
As long as you keep considering yourself a victim and and painting people with your broad brush you will never be rid of it . It's your choice.
You can either rise above it,like many have, or spend the rest of your life angry.
It's like if someone commits a crime against a family member you can either forgive that person who committed the crime or let the fact of what they did make you a prisoner of hate to the crime.
You might want to consider yoga it is excellent for stress relief and proper breathing.

Lisa said...

Here is the attitude of your beloved democrats:

Try watching the whole thing before jumping to your judgements:

kid said...

Harry Alford is a Republiklan. He's against the NAACP. He works for the Black Chamber of Commerce, which is under the White Chamber of Commerce. He ambushed Sen.Boxer by using the race card. Harry is the type of motherfucker that wants to put Black people in ovens. Any black person Oreilly praises , is a enemy to the race..the human race.

Lisa said...

hey you call me racist yet I had a black friend live with me until she passed, so I don't know what you are talking about,

kid said...

One of the first things a racist do is mention their friends of another color, gender, or sexual orientation. I don't have to mention what color my friends are or who they are, they speak for themselves.

BTW, massa cared a lot for his slaves too much like you Lisa.If you are race neutral, whay mention race ? Because you're a racist.

Lisa said...

"One of the first things a racist do is mention their friends of another color",

because you called me a racist,why do you assume all white republicans are racist because your democrat massa tell you so?

Lisa said...

all you talk about is race so what does that call you?

Lisa said...

Why don't you like Harry Alford because he's successful?
Why do you think the democrats want to put abortion in the health care bill?
Because they feel bad?
No because they aren't democrats they are Marxists who believe keeping the population under control and ad there Global Warming agenda to that humans use up too many resources and pollute the earth.

A democrat would prefer to see black babies aborted but the republicans would prefer to see all people grow and prosper and to not have to be "cared for" as you so put it in your previous comment.
Too bad you can't understand that instead of pulling out the "all republicans" are racists BS.

kid said...

Why do you hate the POTUS, because he's sucessful? Lloyd Marcus is sucessful but I don't feel like cleaning shit out my mouth kissing all the asses he kiss.

You bring up abortion, so when a girls father get her pregnant will Palin or Bachmann take care of it? Most of the people that have abortions are white. Remember what one Fox "journalist " said? John Gibson said we need more white babies. Want to lower the birth rates of Hispanic and Black women? Sent them to college. Now how can it be that minorities are having more children than whites and minorities are getting more abortions than whites? Our population is going up, wait until 2050.

Now if the President isn't allowed to fix the economy the country might need Marxism to fix it. Most of the companies made a profit, but they don't want to hire.

You mentioned Global Warming. If it isn't real then put some BBQ grills in your house and seal it off and stay inside. You probably thing that the earth was made 6000 years ago, if that was true then our Nuclear Bombs wouldn't work.

Are all Republicans racist? You damn skippy they are. The machine guns at the locations where the President was at. Secret Service putting up nooses in the locker rooms of the Black officers. I have family members that work with the NAACP. The Republicans call them a terrorist organization. Beck called them racist. The Right lied about ACORN and now they're lying about the NAACP. Malcolm X once said "the only thing worst than a Nuclear War is a Race War. Beck, Rupert, and the Koch brothers are working hard on that.

Lisa said...

you know what cracks me up is that Marxism doesn't favor any particular group.
Once you give away all your power to the gov't it's hard to ever get it back which means whoever takes that office gets the power.
And if you only like it because Obama is black or should I say half black it's not him running the show it's still the rich white man George Soros.

Lisa said...

I bet you didn't give ahoot about Global Warming until you found out it was about wealth redsitrbution and Gloabl Goverance and not at all about the climate.

Lisa said...

you also seem to forget that most white people voted for Obama bu then they saw his policies and are running from him now.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kid said...

So you want me to say thank you boss fo' puttin' de black man in. You didn't vote for him so you shouldn't be thanked. We don't owe you shit. Tea Baggers have gone on national TV and held up signs that stated that they wanted to kill his children. They held up signs at rallies that said "nigger" and you want me to say thanks?

You forget that the leftovers from the Bush administration are causing the boondoggle.


Answer that?

Lisa said...

Bull fucking crap Kid there were never any such signs unless they were democrat plants or photo shopped just like the guy with the gun was a black man planted there. Geez stop drinking the damn koolaid you're making a fool out of yourself.
It's time for the president to man up and start taking responsibility for the job he wanted so bad.
His economy now.his failed policies ,his spending.

He keeps blaming everyone else while he continues to destroy us. He's got to keep the people side tracked from what he's doing and damnit we ae doing to like it no matter what.

Lisa said...

MSNBC reported this without showing the guy above the waist and you feel for it and they are all laughing at you at the president is smirking as his propaganda machine has fooled the masses.
Hope you are ejoying the ride you are being taken on.

kid said...

Lisa you just proved that you are a fool ken liar! The black guy that went with his gun did what any black guy with a gun would do, he told the police department first! As a Black man I know first hand that a brother can get shot for holding a telephone. The black guy belongs to a white church that believe that thePresident is the anti-Christ and he should be killed. Their white minister mentions it a lot. The white guy holding the nigger sign, people didn't know at first because the Tea Party doctored the racist words off of a photograph, much like the television version of Bruce Willis in "Die Hard III".

B U S T E D! you racist liar.

Lisa said...

show me proof of that church. All I know is MSNBC reportd him as being at a white guy.
And anyway how come poepl whio voted for Obama don't support him anymore? Because "now" they are racist?
I am so tired of the race conversation. It does nothing but seneds us back another 10 years everytime it comes up.
There will always be racism by all races. Hate is not partial to color. People commit henious crimes to their own races so maybe if we can get rid of all hate(good luck)then we can move ahead.