Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Karl Rove knew that when you couldn't hurt a person by dwelling on their weaknesses ,you go after their strength.The President is a great speaker. Many right wing sites are doing this to death.In comedy there is something called a call back, doing the same joke over again in another context.This just looks dumb.This is almost like a form of hypnosis,say something over and over again and it will stick. Socialist and Communist worked pretty good,this will backfire.So we learned two things from the republicans this week, first Newt Gingrich is co-chair of the tea-parties and second a lot of money and corporations are coming after the President.Just look at who was Sarah Palin's top financiers.One is Exxon.


kathy said...

i didn't know that about Newt, his name reminds me of a little slimy snake, it'sn a newt a type of salamander that live under rocks?

kid said...

Newt: Native to Georgia.A scummy sneaky ,low-life that hates people.Hides under rocks and away from reality.

Why is he called Newt ? I have to look it up.