Sunday, March 22, 2009

An apology is in order.

An apology needs to be made... to President Obama.Now he HAS to apologize for things that he didn't do.His comment about the Special Olympics is TRUE. Everyone gets a medal, and everyone gets an applause. The phony outrage was contrived.Now inviting Rev. Warren, or changing his mind about FISA needed to be looked at, but not this.

Embedded here is a movie called The Ringer starring Johnny Knoxville.He plays a competitor in the Special Olympics that cheats.The movie was made with the blessing of the Special Olympics.Some people said that some of the people in the movie was exploited.Some who were in it said it made participants of the Special Olympics much more part of the "joke".I thought it stunk.

On the other part of the taste scale you have Howard Stern who exploits people of any background. He has a performer on his show called Beetlejuice the Pinhead.Pinhead is a perjorative for a person that has Beetlejuice's medical condition. Bill O'reilly five times a week calls people "Pinheads" on his show.People on the right use incorrect medical terms to describe the left.Did anyone boycott Oreilly,Ingraham,Howard Stern,or Rush Limbaugh yet ? America stop being so full of shit.

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Malcolm said...

I remember seeing one commercial for "The Ringer". It seemed to come and go in the theaters like a thief in the night. The way that some of the Obama haters blew his comments on Leno out of proportion was comical to me.