Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poverty Pimps

This guy is a joke. This is the real definition of Poverty Pimp.To get out of poverty ,he'll pimp you.They even put him on FOX.I think Dave Chapelle did his life story already.If you go to his site you'll see that he has a tour bus.Some rich rock bands don't have a tour bus,they use a van. He's getting some big money from somewhere.Heck he even has a picture of himself with Joe the Plumber's parents,doesn't that say real American ?

National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color
Marcus is president of the NAACPC. Mission Statement:Support courageous conservatives of color fighting on the front line. Educate Americans to the truth that conservatism is essential for their success and the preservation of our great nation.


lincolnperry said...

Thats not a poverty pimp, just a ignorant nigga!

Poverty Pimp revamp, Tavis Smiley has snatched tha mantle from Jesse Jackson Sr!

kathy said...

not only that, but his music is crap too,

Malcolm said...

I could only stomach listening to about a minute of the first song. As for song #2, I wish that Hall and Oates could sue his ass.

Tim Gunter said...

Yeah, it's Sara and Lloyd forever. Oh boy, what will Fox come up next? It just reminds me how glad I am the GOP lost. And I see that they are putting the blame on Rep. Barney Frank for the econ crisis. Why? Because he's gay?

Walter J said...

Lloyd was right there is no room in the liberal mind set for a man who speaks the truth !! The basic premises of liberalism is the man of color is not smart enough to make it on his own, just do what we tell you and we will throw you some crumbs. You go Lloyd and keep telling it like it is !!!!