Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Bayard Rustin was a early Civil Right pioneer and a assistant of Dr. Martin Luther King.In the early 40's he and other civil rights leaders were planning a March on Washington.Later he participated in the one in 1963. He was also Gay.He helped founded C.O.R.E.a Civil Rights organization.It was later taken over by Roy Innis.This is the same Roy Innis that was a paid employee for the government of South Africa under apartheid.Roy is also anti-Gay.This is the same Roy Innis that works for Sean Hannity.

What does Innis have to do with anything ? In order for someone to perpetrate, they would have to gain authentic credentials .Alex Jones quotes KRS One and Professor Griff to slander President Obama.Griff's comments are from a years ago when he supported Cynthia McKinney for President.Now the right is taking comments from prominent members of the Hip-Hop community and using it for their benefit to set up phoney sites. I guess this is Michael Steele's outreach program.Actually it's called Astroturfing,I learned it from Incognegro 1.75. From Jones's site it go to some fake Toms sites to real liberal sites.This is dangerous. The fake "liberal" and PUMA sites were easy to discount,now they're more sophisticated.these "new" sites are more Afrocentric and Authentic.Below is some of Byron Crawford's work :

"That guy in the comments section the other day who said Alex Jones is just trying to make money is full of shit. Jones just posted his new Obama movie to YouTube, so people can watch it for free. I'm probably gonna watch it myself and have some thoughts on it, but I'm not making any guarantees. You guys know I'm lazy like that."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Byron Crawford, also known by the nickname Bol, is a morbidly obese blogger based in St. Louis, Missouri who writes and a regular online column for XXL magazine. While Crawford bills "the only hip hop blog on the Internet", he also regularly reviews music from other genres and writes on race and gender relations. Brian McManus of Philadelphia Weekly called Crawford "blogging's master craftsman" for his opinionated but laid-back writing.[citation needed]

While past reports have calculated Crawford's blog as only having 40,000 unique readers, his addition to XXL magazine's roster of online columnists and publicized feuds with rappers such as Bun B and Lupe Fiasco have boosted his profile considerably over the past few years. [1]

Crawford gained notoriety in 2004 when he reported that rapper Kanye West's single "Jesus Walks", which had just been nominated for a Grammy Award, was written by and bought from rapper Rhymefest, and began a petition to disqualify the song.[citation needed]

Rapper Phonte of the group Little Brother has spoken out in support of Crawford, and Crawford claims that during a meeting with Questlove, the Roots drummer named several rappers that regularly read his blog.[citation needed]

He claims to have invented and/or popularized a number of slang terms, such as "nullus", "spatula", "Large Hadron Collider", and "oy weh"[citation needed]

This fool all but gives it a "two thumbs up".I bet he won't mention anything negative about Satan Pagan...Oops I mean Gov.Sarah Palin.BTW, the first "Hip-Hop" blog was done by Davey D,Hip-Hop pioneer.Here's Davey at work doing what Keith Olbermann always dreamed of ,stopping Griff Jenkins the Oreilly Stalker.

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