Friday, February 1, 2008

Family Values

Boy, Fox is getting predictable. One day Bill Oreilly sticks up for Obama the next day he sticks up for the Clintons. You would think you were watching the WWE. On Wednesday , Bill and Juan talk about something you don't hear a lot on Fox., racism. Bill and Juan said Bill and Hill are racist. Juan stepped in and said ,Yessir you sho' is right. I thought they would have to go off and get a room together. Also one of Massa Murdocks' newspapers, the N.Y. Post backed Barack, don't believe the hype. Ok, brother Barack I'm going to have to teach you about family values. the family I'm talking about is the Corleon's from the Godfather.

First thing first, that endorcement from the Post is the Judas kiss, don't trust Murdock . Keep your friends close and your enemies close. Second, Fredo may be your brother but don't trust him. So when Juan Williams says you been the victim of racism, you know he is Fredo. Now before you take him fishing, if you respond to him let him know he's a tom. This would shut him up, just ask Dr. Boyce Watkins.

Now you already agreed to a meeting with Oreilly. The place you pick is should be somewhere safe , a family resturant . I recommend Sylvia's in Harlem . I heard the ice tea is real good there. Now he going to pull out the Hussein card, the Farrakhan card, don't get upset. Go to the restroom and look behind the toilet..., wrong sorry. Just him about Mackris and the loofa. Now he's going to call you a name that rhymes with tigger. Just sit there while he yells and screams . You just taught Bill some family values, american style.

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