Tuesday, February 8, 2011

He's back !


Yes Keith Olbermann is coming back to TV, well sort of. It is rumored that Current TV is giving Keith a share of the network and a show. Whatever it is , good luck Keith. We miss you, we really really miss you.

Now get back to work.

OT: To those who think that racism doesn't exist, check this out.


Shaw Kenawe said...

OMG kid! You dared to step into that snake's nest over at Goomba's?

As I wrote in a comment in your FAUX NOOz post, when people have no good arguments to counter what one says, they resort to name-calling.

The righties like Lisa, Divine, and Goomba perfectly illustrate this.

kid said...

They prove one thing, that's it's about race. Always has, always will. I'm going to copy the comments before they "sanitize" it. When Lisa said that i doctered the photos, I knew where her mind was. Lisa, Devine, and Goomba think that they're not racist because they didn't hurt me physically. I hope they keep this up around election time when they can't deny it.

Lisa said...

Hey Kid I bet more people look at the corner store video surveillance monitor than what is it called? Oh yeah Current? How does Olberman address his audience" Good Afternoon Mr Gore"

And being the good little zombie I am sure will find the racism in that comment.Just look real hard it's there somewhere and if you can't find any just make it up like you always do.

kid said...

Hey Lisa why don't you visit the hyperlink to some of your racist friends.