Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There's A Riot Going On,Part Two.

Glenn Beck and FOX really want to Tea Bag President Obama good. As we know tomorrow is the first annual FOX inaugural race riot, or as Glenn Beck and all the Tea-Baggers call it A Tea Party. We are being told that it is impartial. We are told that Democrats and Republicans should unite against the bailouts. That’s strange, for the last eight years I was told to support the President in a time of war… no questions asked. Many minorities are going to be there. Many that are paid to say bad things about minorities. I hope they leave in time, that’s when the Klan and Aryan Nation will show up. Don’t take my word for it, just read their web site Stormfront. Some are being told straight out to recruit and cause violence. Some are being told to recruit and not say who they represent. I’m hoping that nothing will happen tomorrow. Some on the right are now even telling their breathen to not attend. We all know how disciplined the right is. Look at how people at Sarah Palin’s rallies screamed “kill him” and “terrorist”. They even brought their own cute stuffed plush monkey wearing their own nooses, how cute. Some are telling their audience that this rally is really about taxes and not about President Obama, yea right. One lie even has it that ACORN is going to start trouble. Let’s put the blame where it belongs, on the extreme right wing. Glenn Beck already helped inspired three murders in Pittsburgh. The murder’s family even said he was worried about being put into one of the President’s FEMA camps. Why they even said that he was going to take all the guns from everyone.

I have some ideas that will help to make tomorrow much more peaceful. First, go and take care of your taxes. Second, help someone out with theirs. Now if you must go to the Tea Party don’t get in the way of the FBI and Secret Service that will probably photograph and ID the marchers. Now if you represent a community activist group like the Southern Poverty Law Center or the NAAACP you’re OK.

In Cleveland where I live the kids are out for Easter vacation. Cleveland is a mostly black city. It is also a union city. There are a lot of pissed offed people on all sides. If the right wanted to be constructive they would do something to help people, not hurt them. These are just the right ingredients for a riot. When the Klan was here in 1999 there was three levels of security. They had a high fence surrounding them. It cost more than a million dollars.

Finally if any deaths occur send the bill for the damage to Rupert, Glenn, Greta, Oreilly, Hannity and the rest of the racist that want to cause a race war.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

These folks are not going to rest until some people are seriously hurt. They'll be swearing up and down that their pep talks that are nothing more than inciting riots was not the cause of it. Reminds me of the "Black Wall Street" in Oklahoma in the 1900s, different jerks with the same poisonous venom spouting out.

kid said...

So far it looks like it was peaceful today, that's good.Now Granny did you start your blog yet ?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Nope, Kid, not yet but I plan to sometime in the near future.

lincolnperry said...

You are on point; check out Nat Turners Revenge take on the tea parties. http://natturnersrevenge.blogspot.com/
This is nothing more than stirrings before the storm. Doesn't it remind you of the white citizens council Klan rallies held for McPain/Painlin during the elections. What I want to know is why these whiners weren’t bitching when Bush and Company, was pissing away our tax dollars for two years on his Iraq revenge plot.
Secondly Glen Beck is where he belongs on Faux news, nothing but a race baiting coward!
The sad thing is this type of activity is what fuels the domestic terrorism we experience during the Clinton years, with rise in the militia movement and Oklahoma City bombing!
I recently attended a gun show...and who you think was in attendance arming themselves to the teeth!
Preparing for the race war...hmm under the guise of 2nd amendment rights being under seize!
I know I will be prepare, sounds like the damn Turner Diaries propaganda!

enigma4ever said...

granny does need a blog- alotta wisdom there..

great post and yeah- glen etc all of them are stirring the hate monger stew...idiots...and yeah- there are alotta folks here that are not happy....so true...

blog on...blog on..

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

MSNBC has a poll up about the President's job so far for the first 100 days. Republicans are flooding it with "F" votes. Pass this address on and go to it to vote:


kid said...

Thanks Granny. The right has been doing it for a while, don't worry about it.Mopst polls (except those on FOX) give him high marks.