Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There's no place like holmes.

Something got my blood to boil. While reading an article about the foreclosure problem, I read the comments on the page. It said that they deserve it . They were dumb. Don't they know how to save money? In the Plain Dealer the local newspaper, (we call it the Pain Dealer) the "black" columinst wrote about people who lost their homes because of gambling or buying expensive trucks. I wonder how all those white people lost their homes?

Maybe, they were just lazy. Maybe, they were dumb, or maybe they were just ripped off. On my street I see boarded up homes.Squatters stay in some of them. In his address ,Bush said that peoples income has went up. Most families around here have extended families that help pay the note. People have to work two jobs or work in the underground economy. It so bad that people are losing homes in the suburbs. It is estimimated in Cleveland that at least 50,000 homes were foreclosed. This is nothing new. Michael Moore in his Roger and Me movie showed the effects of the poor economy. Something has got to be done soon , or you may be homeless next.

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